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This four-day program will give you the tools and frameworks you need to assess, design and implement organization structures that will deliver your strategy, whether you are designing a whole organisation or a department within an organization.

This three-day program, run in conjunction with PA Consulting, gives you the tools to transform your business through higher margins, increased sales, or both.

This practical and highly interactive program will improve the quality of your strategic decisions and show you how to create a robust decision process. In module one you’ll learn how to apply various strategic tools to generate and evaluate options, and select the best one. Module two will show you how to design and manage a decision process that deals with the biases that typically affect strategic decisions.

This three-day course, you will learn simple yet powerful, tools to become the 30% that actually drives abstract strategy from conception all the way through to completion. From analyzing famous cinematic battle scenes to understanding the link behind behavioral influence and strategy translation, you'll learn how to design successful execution roadmaps and overcome cultural blocks within your firm.

The Bootcamp is aimed at those in a corporate or BU strategy role, or in Business Development. 

This four-day Bootcamp is aimed at people in the strategy or business development function at either at the corporate level or in a business unit.  It is geared towards those who want to refresh or supplement their current strategy skills, but also accommodates those who have not received much training in how to use strategy tools and analysis. In the course of the four days, we will cover a fairly comprehensive range of topics for the strategist, including (but not limited to): developing strategy; strategic and financial tools for designing business strategies; understanding value creation, value propositions, and competitive advantage; portfolio strategy tools; communicating strategy; strategy under uncertainty; and strategy execution.

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